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safety inspections

Our certified Safety Inspections offer a thorough review of your short-term rental property to ensure all safety standards are met.By choosing Pit Stop, you not only ensure your property's safety but also earn a Breezeway certification, allowing for a 10% discount your Proper insurance premium.

Be Proactive, not reactive

preventive maintenance inspections

Opt for our Preventive Maintenance Inspections and don't wait for a guest to uncover a problem in your property.Just like a pit stop in a race, we efficiently inspect and fix any issues between stays, ensuring your property is in top shape for your next guest's arrival.

our team

why us?

With Pit Stop Home Services, you're choosing a team with extensive short-term rental experience and a commitment to your peace of mind. Our unique dual-service approach offers bundled safety and maintenance inspections, proactive problem-solving, and potential insurance savings. We embody the 'pit stop' concept, performing thorough and efficient inspections and fixes between stays. Choose us, and rest easy knowing your property is in expert hands, always ready to impress your guests

the truth

complacency is devastating

While we strive to maintain a positive and supportive environment, the reality is that accidents do occur in short-term rentals (STRs).It's not our intention to foster a fatalistic view, but rather to raise awareness about the serious consequences that can result from overlooked safety issues.Mistakes, unfortunately, do lead to injuries and sometimes even tragic fatalities. By sharing these incidents, we hope to underscore the importance of regular safety inspections and preventive maintenance, contributing to safer, more secure vacation rental experiences for all.

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